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The Tölzer region is located between the A 95 and A 8 motorways with the Bundesstraße 472 as east-west connection:

A 95: Bad Tölz can be reached via the Sindelsdorf or Kochel-Murnau exit of the A 95 motorway.

A 8: On the Munich-Salzburg route, the fastest route to Bad Tölz in Holzkirchen branches off the A 8 motorway (continue on Bundesstraße 13).

B 472: The main connection in the east-west direction is the federal road 472. This connects the Autobahn junction Sindelsdorf (A 95) west and Irschenberg (A 8) east of the Tölzer region.

Bad Tölz: From Bad Tölz along the right bank of the Isar (direction upstream) it is about 5 km to Arzbach.